a tool to build Orderbook on the
crypto-currency exchange markets.

Every cryptocurrency exchange needs a certain depth of the market and the volume. These elements affect the number of users, revenues, and the opinion about the exchange. Through its advanced technology, OrderBuild automatically acquires purchase and sale offers from other exchanges and supplies them to the target exchange. The offers are included in the Orderbook with relevant currency pair, building its depth. ​ OrderBuild allows both smaller and larger exchanges to develop, building further rich Orderbooks in further currency pairs.

OrderBuild, benefits to the exchange.


Benefits to cryptocurrency exchanges principally include greater number of exchange users, increased revenues from transactions, better image of the exchange itself with well-built orderbook that encourages trading, with a low spread.

A further, yet important benefit to the exchange includes revenues generated from the increased spread added to each transaction on the deeper market. This means that the acquired offers from external exchanges are covered with extra spread, usually of 0.5-1%. This additional revenue on extra spread usually allows the exchange to cover the costs related to the application of the ​ OrderBuild​ system.

Currently, Fresh Mind Limited, OrderBuild​ system operator, offers the exchanges a trial period of a few days, when they use OrderBuild​ free of charge.