Technical support and P2P development for complete ICO

Technical support and P2P development for complete ICO

With aid from a team of professional experts that are highly experienced in their field, we are able to account for complete technical support to all of our clients. We ensure to bridge the gap between the technicalities of the procedure and the clients getting them familiarized with each and every integral concept of the development process.
We bring forth the prospects of blockchain development for enhancing P2P experience on a decentralized platform. Decentralization being the core of the entire ecosystem, we ensure the complete integration of blockchain and smart contract technology for the ICO. We are also equipped with a team of experts that cater to the queries of the client on a 24X7 basis. With a very fast response period, we offer the best in industry service experience to all of our clients.
We provide for an array of core services which are requisite to the development of a complete ICO. All of the services are monitored by a dedicated set of professional equipped with key expertise in their respective domain.

Services we cover:

1. ICO Peer to peer network development (P2P initial coin offering)

ICO peer to peer network development: For every ICO project to be developed, a peer to peer exchange platform is required. This platform allows the users to exchange their crypto assets and thus gain the benefits of services and monetary gains.
The entire platform is essentially powered by the token with which the ICO is associated with. Simultaneously, P2P exchange platform designed on the network remains decentralized. In easier terms it means that the network is free from government vigilance and does not report to the civic bodies.

The peer to peer network development will enable the traders to pay the ICO Company for a wide range of activities which include trading, equity, Forex and borrowing on the platform.

Token distribution

The tokens that are contributed would be fully integrated into the treasury which would be later distributed among all of the participating, active traders.


With this proposition being the basic revenue generation model, we employ the best in class professional developers acquainted and familiarized with each and every domain in a thorough manner.

2. Initial coin offering token creation (equity ICO token, security token, utility token, ethereum token)

ICO Token Creation: ICO token creation is one of the most sophisticated aspects of the entire development cycle. It is also one of the most crucial aspects considering the fact that it is the primary venture of the entire ICO development process.
In a nutshell, it is very important to design and create a coin which has a unique selling and buying point. At the same time one needs to implement a certain set of characteristics as well to the architecture of the coin. One of the other key elements of the token is the landing page which summarizes the present position and statistics of the token to its users.
Most of the tokens in the modern world are ER23 compliant and based on the Ethereum blockchain. The Ethereum blockchain is the leading platform for smart contracts and is increasingly popular among the entire new ICOs hitting the market on a frequent basis. The platform not only helps to consolidate the entire structure of the crypto-coin but also makes it safe, secure and transparent. Creation of the token is a dominant aspect of the pre-ICO stage and therefore we pay intense attention to every detail during this phase. Our programmers and developers make the use of state of the art technology and hands-on experience on the project to initialize the perfect token creation remedy on the secured platforms.

ICO token explained – equity

Equity ICO token: One of the most significant benefits associated with an ICO is the proposition of equity ICO tokens. It can also be envisioned as a very promising application of Ether based smart contracts and blockchain technology. It provides the start-ups with the potential of providing utility stock/share tokens through the ICO programme.
The equity ICO token bridges the gap between start-up and their inception into the financial trading market. With the incorporation of the equity tokens into the ecosystem, the start-ups benefit in a significant manner owing to the fact that the entire concept of stock trading becomes transparent and more easily accessible to an average user. Essentially it allows the users to be deeply involved in the arena of “corporate governance” associated with the incipient company.
At present equity tokens are yet to take up a concrete role in the financial infrastructure of the company, but given the fact that it adds multiple dimensions of applications, the possibilities look pretty positive.

ICO token explained – security

Security ICO token: Apart from the utility tokens, the other type of ICO token is referred to as the security ICO token. It is a primarily a tradable asset and can be envisioned as a token which can be used for trade and exchange. In general terms it is also classified as a security token which makes it subject to regulations of the federal security.
One of the most important aspects that need to be kept in mind with security tokens is the fact that such tokens can attract hefty penalties if they fail to abide by the designated regulations.
On the other hand the positive aspect of security tokens tend to be the fact that if the company is able to abide by all of the regulations, then the security tokens will be able to generate the potential for a wider array of applications in the professional field. Since these tokens are also referred to as trading tokens, they also bring forth the opportunity to be used as tradable assets that represent the equity shares of companies.
We are acquainted with the governing regulations (SEC securities regulations in the US) which enabled us to implement the project in a seamless manner. We ensure that every step taken by our developers is closely scrutinized so as to ensure that no form of penalty is attracted over the course of the period of time.

ICO token explained – utility

Utility ICO Token: Utility tokens are the most common type of token associated with an ICO. They are also at times referred to as the “user token” or the “application coins” as well. One of the most key aspects regarding utility tokens is the fact that they are not designed as form of investments.
Utility tokens need to be designed and programmed in such a manner such that they can be exempted from the authority and vigilance of government agencies. In short, proper structuring of the utility tokens can make them completely decentralized.
We aim at designing utility tokens for our clients so that the start-up can make the use of these utility tokens as digital coupons for the designated service. We address the ICOs as tokens generation and token distribution events on an initial level. This ensures that people have all of the initial access to an ICO which further ensures that they have prominent engagement with the company.

Initial coin offering token creation. ICO IT and infrastructure support.

ICO IT and Infrastructure Support: Any form of ICO undertaken by an incipient company seemingly has a very complex IT structure associated with it. The fundamental concept associated with ICO is the technology based on which the programme is implemented.
Among the primary launching platforms, Ethereum accounts for nearly 70% of the new ICOs present on the market.
The key to infrastructure and IT support is being acquainted with each and every domain related to ICO development. With key expertise and requisite practical knowledge in the development of smart contracts, our team of professional IT enthusiasts work round the clock to render infrastructural support. We aid in designing a transparent and glitch-free ecosystem taking into due consideration every aspect of ICO development, blockchain integration and IT support.

Our company ensures that our clients are briefed about all of the fundamental aspects surrounding ICO development so that the developed ecosystem can be glitch-free and transparent. Years of expertise and hands-on experience in the professional field enables our team to interpret machine language and bring forth a complete ICO development plan on the paper.

3. ICO token presale and sale platform

ICO token presale and sale platform: ICO token sale and presale platforms are among the key fundamentals required for a successful ICO development programme. It can be fundamentally envisioned as the pioneer approach towards the future users of the crypto-coin.
We have a consolidated approach towards presale and sale platform development.
Primarily we account for a “blockchain based genomic data platform” which basically helps in the construction of a new genomic economy. It is later due to be distributed on a peer to peer based database which is powered by a blockchain technology. This genomic data system ensures user anonymity, seamless token flow and a completely secure transfer model.
We ensure that our sale platforms are integrated with high-end encryptions to ensure secure transactions while not limiting user accessibility. All the records are made easily available over the internet directories which add a new dimension to ICO token transparency.
We sure that our clients are delivered with user support post ICO sales such that they do not have to confront post ICO issues as well. Our commitment towards user satisfaction ensures that we aim to stay a step ahead of others in the competitive market.

4. IT outsourcing

IT Outsourcing: IT outsourcing conventionally refers to the use of external service providers that are proficient in that particular domain. Our outsourcing needs are predefined as we have associations with some of the leading cryptocurrency development agencies from around the globe.

We outsource a number of core components among which Whitepaper requisites stand on the primary position. Owing to our market presence over a long period of time, we have been able to establish professional associations with some of the leading cryptocurrency service providers. We integrate the best in class associates that are provided with a certain responsibility associated with the ICO development.

We emphasize on every associated detail like whitepapers of the ICO to propagate the business details and ICO fundamentals to the users. We believe that a consolidated primary approach towards an ICO in the form of an informative whitepaper will help in bridging the gap between users and the incipient company bringing forth the ICO.

5. ICO blockchain technology

ICO Blockchain Technology:
The ICO Blockchain Technology is another core component which governs the entire ecosystem. A blockchain technology is dominantly the building block of an ICO. A blockchain technology is essentially a set of smart contracts.
The blockchain based technology is highly used in the modern world owing to its enhancements in terms of security, transparency and accessibility all over the records. Blockchain is basically a derivative of the phenomenon where the records associated with crypto-assets keep compiling in the form of blockchain directories.
One of the most fundamental elements associated with the blockchain technology is the fact that it allows the information to be distributed but not to be copied as a whole. We envision blockchain technology as the future of internet and financial transaction models. As a core component of ICO, the blockchain technology serves as the basic element of ICO token creation.
Experts envision the blockchain technology as a form of an “incorruptible digital ledger” associated with economical transactions over the digital network. It is practically the basic structural codex of the platform based on which the digital transactions of crypto-assets take place.

6. Smart contracts management system

The blockchain technology is the future of IOT. Blockchains and smart contracts have been key elements associated with ICO ventures undertaken by incipient companies. The smart contracts management system allows ethical management of time and brings forth new dimensions of economic efficiencies. The smart contracts management system also takes into account the prospects of absolute transparency and user control.
The basics of smart contracts are integrated with a fundamental coding structure within them. In easier words when the blocks of data orchestrating to the blockchain network are secured with a complex algorithmic code, they are referred to as smart contracts. These smart contracts need to be decoded using a series of complex mathematical equations and algorithms which can be done by virtue of super-computers only. The smart contracts management system helps to integrate stability to the ICO strategy.

7. Wallet setup

A set of key functioning elements are required in order to successfully initiate an ICO programme. Among these exchange platforms and wallets play pivotal roles. The crypto-wallet is the most basic form of storage device for cryptocurrencies. Following an ICO, the users will need a secured digital wallet where they will be able to store their cryptocurrencies.
Despite being such a fundamental and basic feature, it is important that they are designed to be user specific and completely secure. Over the years, digital wallets holding cryptocurrencies have been susceptible to malicious practises over the internet. We make the use of high-end multi-layered encryption to secure these digital wallets. The concept of digital signatures adds an extra layer of security to these digital wallets, enhancing the overall system in a considerable manner.
Having taken care of the security and transparency, the wallet setup for the ICO is also catered to be user friendly. The UI is extremely competitive while being simple and secure. The users will have complete access on all of the integral features while they enjoy benefits like transparency, user security and user anonymity. Using a high end wallet setup programme, our team is able to devise a concrete solution to post ICO storage which has been a recurrent issue over the period of time.