FreshMind Ltd

specialises in developing software used in the cryptocurrency environment. We use it to develop software with the thought of increasing the adoption and comfort while using cryptocurrencies. We believe that, with time, they will become a major element of the financial environment, although currently they are not fully appreciated and used to a small extent.


We have already created one of the first online currency exchange points for buying and selling Bitcoins. Cryptoins functioned on the market for over two years until capital from Qatar got interested in it, and the solution was transferred to them.


Another product we marketed was the online payment system dedicated to online cryptocurrency support: Bitbe. It has been three years since the users have been able to use our dedicated payment solution on the market.


In mid-2019, we marketed a tool dedicated to cryptocurrency exchanges, named OrderBuild. The tool is used by exchanges to build buy and sell offers (orderbooks) on currency pairs with insufficient number of such offers. The tool deepens the market on specific currency pairs, and helps to reduce the spread.


In the second half of 2019, after three decades of operation in various modes, after several optimisations of algorithms, we marketed another version of our Arbiteo system. This is a tool – support for investors using arbitration on cryptocurrency exchanges. On behalf of the investor, the software searches price differences among the exchanges for many currencies, and uses such differences for trading.
The tool already operates in several modes, and we are planning two further implementations around mid-2020.

We are not a global leader in technological innovation, we do not receive prestigious awards. We form a small software house focused on users’ needs on this highly dynamic market. We do not build visions or models for the future; we focus on the market and its niches. We develop state-of-the-art solutions to be used here and now, following the principle that future begins today.